Our Mission

Designed for Everyday to Elevate Yours!

Our Values

At Urbana Sacs, we believe that purpose is the foundation of good design. That objects should be just as appealing in function as they are in form.

We believe in the environment, infusing our ethical roots into every part of the business from utilizing reclaimed accents to employing local labor resources.

We believe that purchases should not only look good,  but do "good" too.

We believe that the best designs are ones that last.That time, attention and care are what sustain US with endless potential.

At Urbana Sacs, we believe everyday is worthy of great design and we look forward to sharing our take on it with you.

A note from our founder

After 15 years of leading retail and hospitality design projects at a large architectural firm in Los Angeles, I wanted to get back to hands-on design that connects with people on a personal level.  I began designing a porcelain espresso set with washable leather coasters, and in making the set, I stumbled across this unique leather-like paper fabric.  Excited by and curious about the fabric, I purchased it and began to play with it.  I was instantly recharged and inspired by what else I could create with this incredible material.

Urbana Sacs washable paper is a sustainable lightweight textile made with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt.  I got even more excited with the fact that it’s manufactured through cultivation not deforestation.  It washes like any other fabric, maintaining its composition so it can be used over and over again.  Its unique properties also make it a malleable and flexible material, allowing people to shape their bag like clay. 

I designed the sacs to organize and hold all of my favorite items and accessories.  I personally use the sacs now a hundred different ways.  In the kitchen, I keep some exotic salts and raw sugar in the x-small bags, napkins in the medium size ones, and for movie nights I serve guests popcorn in individual small bags.  In the living room as décor, I display flowers or succulents in them, or hold magazines and books.  In my bathroom, I use the x-small ones to hold cosmetics, and a very large urbana sac to hold rolled up bath towels for guests, and as a laundry bag. And, in my studio I have them stuffed with paintbrushes, pencils, business cards, all kinds of supplies, and materials I collect for projects.  

I’m confident you will find new ways to utilize Urbana Sacs within your lifestyle too.  I’d love to see how you use them!  #myurbanasacs.

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