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Rolling Greens Meets Urbana Sacs.

We asked early fans and adopters of Urbana Sacs to post photos of the creative ways they use our bags, using the hashtag #MyUrbanaSacs. Our editorial director, Ayn, filled a mason jar with live succulents and artificial Hydrangea blooms from chic Rolling Greens Nursery and placed them in this stone colored medium bag.  We love what she has to say about our bags: "I love bringing custom floral arrangements to hostesses. The advantages of using an Urbana Sacs is that it makes your floral arrangement look more unique, it's a great conversation piece, and the paper protects the glass from breaking in transit."

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Behind the Scenes with Parisienne in L.A.

The lovely Parisienne In LA Blogger plays with Urbana Sacs for her Valentine's shoot....  Our medium and small-sized Urbana Sacs were featured in a photo shoot with Nathalie Zapata of the chic new lifestyle blog PARISIENNE IN LA and fashion photographer Peter Lin of Coventry Automatik.  The medium sac is holding fresias, purple leaf lettuce (Hollywood's Farmer's Market) and a trail of Donkey Tail succulent regenerated from Peter Lin's grandmother's 40-year old plant in Texas. The book Nathalie is holding is a rare first edition of Edward Fitzgerald's translation of the ancient poetic quatrains famously known as The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The book has various themes, one of which (Carpe Diem/Seize The Day) feels perfect for our Urbana Sacs launch.  Draping Mesh...

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