ERASE WASTE: Urbana Sacs Commitment to Community Sustainability


  We believe in our community, in our environment, and in the ethical roots that infuse every part of our business. Sustainability is the groundwork of the Urbana Sacs mission. The fundamental pillars behind Reduce, Reuse, Refashion continue our dedication to conscious consumerism and a future without production waste.

  • Reducing Plastic Use

According to a study published in the journal of Science Advancesl, 8.3 billion tons of accumulative plastic has been manufactured since the 1950’s; enough to cover the surface area of Argentina –  the 8th biggest country on earth.

Plastic’s inexpensive production costs and cross-functional usage have inevitably made the material a staple in everyday life. Unfortunately, the resulting impact of mass consumption over more than six decades continues to devastate the environment. These synesthetic plastics are not biodegradable, often releasing contaminants that have harmful effects on everything from air to water quality. By recycling, reusing and refashioning products with ecologically-responsible designs like Urbana Sacs,there is not only less toxic waste in landfills but also an alternative with real sustainability.

Infused with a special blend of virgin pulp fibers and recycled polyester felts, the washable paper used by US is a lightweight textile manufactured through cultivation – not deforestation. Accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex, professional bodies which ensure that the material is conscientiously-sourced and produced, the unique fabric is also a viable alternative to many leather-based products making it vegan-friendly.

As the core material in the Urbana Sacs collection, its exclusive properties make the material both flexible and durable. Each design can be wetted and shaped while maintaining the composition for repeated use.These sustainable standards and ethical roots, which include employing local labor resources and reclaimed design accents, have helped the company grow into a thriving, conscious start-up, with endless potential.

  • Reusing Reclaimed Design Accents

Traditional leathers are often a non-sustainable fabric toxic to manufacture, producing chemicals and heavy metals that run into waterways used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The process of refashioning leather, as well as other scrap textiles gives old product new use to conserve energy and resources. From hemp-accent handles to zippers, leather straps and handmade tassels, Urbana Sacs is committed to using only reclaimed materials down to the smallest detail.

  • Refashioning Urbana Sacs Products

At Urbana Sacs, we are committed to reducing waste by using materials that are environmentally friendly and reused in a different form.  Urbana Sacs is in the process of creating a program be launched in April, 2019 where customers are not only able to recycle our products but also repurpose the accents.

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